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Scholarships, Grants and Awards


Womens' Another Chance (WAC) Scholarships

Established in 1990, this local program benefits single mothers, 24 years of age and over whom are committed to pursuing post high school education and/or training in an accredited program. The scholarship could provide financial aid for tuition, books, lab fees, classroom supplies, and child care support. The WAC program assigns each student a mentor to provide guidance, counseling, and a supportive relationship to help the student utilize all resources available to her from the club members and the community. Currently, there are 6 students (and mentors) involved in the program. For further information about the WAC Scholarship Program and to download the application form, click here or apply through the St. Louis Graduates/Scholarship Central application,

At this time, the Women's Another Chance Scholarship Committee is accepting applications. All applicants whose complete applications are received by April 1, will be contacted for an interview to be conducted in late April or early May of each year. And all complete applications received from applicants after April 1, will be contacted for an interview in late October or early November of each year.

MPS (Merchandise Pickup Service) Drop Box Program collects clothing, shoes, drapes, bedding, linens, ceramics, costume jewelry,purses, pictures, lamps, pots & pans, house wares, books, toys, etc. The proceeds fund the Women's Another Chance Scholarship (WAC) program. To schedule a pickup of your donations, see the Contacts page underMerchandise Contributions Which Support the Women's Another Chance Scholarship, or go to the MPS website link at After you enter your registration, you will have an opportunity to select "Women’s Another Chance Missouri" from the Charity Preference drop-down list.

Washington University Scholarship
Provides funding for a junior or senior woman, pursuing a degree in Business.

University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL) Scholarship
Provides funding for a scholarship award for a full-time student, majoring in Education.

St. Louis University Scholarship

Provides funding for a scholarship.

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship
These scholarships work to support women in their second and third years of undergraduate studies.  The competition established in 1990 by Zonta International, is designed to encourage women to pursue decision-making positions in their communities.  The Zonta Club of St. Louis solicits participation and awards at least one winner at the local level $1000.  This winner is then forwarded to the District level for an additional $1000 and, if possible, on to the International level for one of 12 $7000 scholarships.

Click here for application forms for the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship.  All applications should be sent to Zonta Club of St. Louis, Attention: Awards Committee, P.O. Box 170083, St. Louis, MO 63117.

Irene Geer Scholarship

Is awarded to a female, post-high school student enrolled in an Arts program.


Community Grants
We provide funding to area organizations, based upon an application approval process by our Service/Grants Committee. In 2015 the following organizations, received grants.

° Teen Challenge of St. Louis

° Opal's House
° Foundation for Missouri Women
° St. Louis Youth Jobs - GSTLCF
° State Historical Society

° Hammers of Hope
° Big Brother/Big Sisters of Eastern Mo
° Project Goldfinger
° Covenant House
° Vakeda's Hope
° St. Charles Community College Foundation 
° Cornell Bulldogs Football Team
° Team Bully Response Squad

Click here for the form and instructions to apply for a Community Grant.


Individual Enrichment Award (IEA)
The purpose of the Individual Enrichment Award, established in 2007, is to provide funding for individuals who need short-term assistance in improving their quality of life. These individuals do not fit the parameters of the Women's Another Chance Program or the Community Grants Award Program. The funds will not be given to the individual but to a business, school, organization, or program on their behalf to purchase the items to meet their needs.

In 2008 Individual Enrichment Award grants were provided to two students, attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis and South West Illinois College for laptop computers. Books were purchased for a third student attending Lindenwood College.

In 2009, grants were awarded to an honors (4.0/4.0GPA) business student to help her, her son, and mother for back rent to avert imminent homelessness, due to loss of job and a student to attend the Friends of the World Food Program, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, beginning with an extensive orientation process, becoming a Council member, and embarking on a journey to Kenya to meet with members of the United Nations World Food Program and see programs implemented by the UN, as well as refugee camps near Nairobi.

In 2011, day care was provided to a mother with 2 children who had left an abusive environment.  Her circumstances were complicated by the fact that she had to leave the situation at her home immediately only taking her children and what she could in her car.  She had shelter with a home provided by her church, and was attempting to complete her nursing degree.  The funds provided by IEA tremendously assisted her in this time of desperate need for herself and her children.

In 2012, funds were supplied to a student needing assistance with transportation to school. A car needing repair and a bus pass was also part of the assistance provided by IEA.

In 2013, a student in school needed assistance with car repairs both for her job and to attend classes.  IEA assisted in funds for the repair.

In 2014 a student whose hours were cut where she was employed and was taking care of her sick mother, needed assistance with utility bills in order to avoid loss of service.  The IEA provided the funds to maintain the utilities; she later graduated that same year. Another student had transportation problems with her vehicle.  The IEA provided the funding and the repairman to handle the necessary repairs for her to continue with her job and her studies.

In 2015, IEA provided additional funds to a student who was enrolled in curriculum at a trade school. She was making payments to the school and had outstanding book fees that were due.  The funds greatly assisted her to continue on so that she can finish the curriculum in this coming year. Another student was given assistance for books and some tuition to continue on with her curriculum of studies, as she too, was behind in payments due to the College.  Another instance of where a small amount of assistance when needed can give someone the key to their future through the completion of their education.

To download the form for the Individual Enrichment Award, click here.

Mary Kate Burgess Award
Is given to a female, post-high school student in the healthcare field.

Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award
This fellowship program supports graduate study by women in aerospace-related sciences and engineering.  Since 1938, Zonta has awarded 1,052 Fellowships totaling over five million dollars to women representing 57 countries.  The Zonta Club of St. Louis solicits participation, reviews application information, and submits applications from local women to the International office. 

Young Women in Public Affairs Award
The goal of the Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award Program (YWPA) is to encourage more women students to enter careers in public affairs, public policy and community organizations.  By recognizing the commitments of pre-university women students, aged 16-20 years, to service in their communities and leadership achievements, we acknowledge a commitment to the advancement of the status of women worldwide.  The Zonta Club of St. Louis solicits participation and awards at least one winner at the local level.  This winner is then forwarded to the District level and if possible, on to the International level. Click here for the application forms for the Young Women in Public Affairs Scholarship. All applications should be sent to the Zonta Club of St. Louis, Attention Awards Committee, P.O. Box 170083, St. Louis, MO 63117.